Monday, March 21, 2005


SDLP Launch United Ireland Blueprint

So I see the SDLP has today launched it's proposals for achieving a United Ireland within the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.Permit me to analyse some of them:

A Northern Ireland Assembly would remain with all its cross-community protections, but as a regional parliament of a United Ireland rather than the United Kingdom.

No, I can't agree with this.The creation of the Northern Ireland state was a disgrace and there should be no acknowledgement of this embodiment of discrimination in a United Ireland.I would prefer a regional parliament for a nine-county Ulster.

The right for differeing sections of the population to identify themselves as British or Irish, and to hold passports of either would remain, as would co-operation between London and Dublin.

Good ideas.I have no problem with these proposals.

Just as there is Northern Ireland representation in the Irish upper house, the Senate, at present those who wished it should still have representation in the House of Lords after unity.

I've no problem with this, either.

But instead of sending MPs to the House of Commons, the North would elect TDs to the Dail - and would have far greater representation there than in Westminster and therefore greater power.

I agree with this also.

Overall, I think the proposals are sound and impressive but I do not agree with retaining a Northern Ireland Assembly.At least the SDLP are making an effort though which is more than can be said for Sinn Fein, whose own proposals for Irish unity seem to be to make Ireland's north as unpleasant for unionists as possible in the hope that they will up and leave the place.


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