Thursday, February 03, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:My Views on a UI

I would like to reiterate my views on the best way to attain Irish reunification.
As I have stated before,I believe there must be a United Ireland with the border before there can be a United Ireland without the border.In other words,an Irish government must initiate steps to make Ireland north and south as indivisible as possible.I recommend moves such as the following:

1.Involvement from the North in deciding the Irish presidency.
2.The establishment of an ambassador for southern unionists.
3.Allow anyone born into the Republic to classify themselves as Irish or British or both.
4.All-Ireland Remembrance celebrations.
5.Sport on an all-Ireland level.
6.An all-Ireland police force.
7.Ireland to rejoin the Commonwealth.

Steps such as these over time would see Ireland north and south becoming closer and at this stage an Irish government should put forward its proposals for a United Ireland and I believe it should have the following structure:

1.A new system of government such as Dominion Status.
2.British influence on Ireland would be similar to the influence held by the Republic in NI.
3.Enshrined into law would be the monarchy's rights.The system would be not unlike Andorra with both a President and a monarch.The President looking after Ireland in domestic affairs while the monarch looking after Ireland in affairs with the Commonwealth.
4.A new anthem-inclusive to all.
5.The complete removal of the British army.
6.No chance of a return to the UK unless a majority of the island wants it.
7.A new flag.Perhaps the former flag with the harp on a green background.
8.A federal system of government with power devolved to the provinces.
9.Issues affecting the island as a whole would be dealt with at the Dail.
10.All Irish politicians would be required to take an oath to promise to uphold law and order in Ireland and serve all Irish people.

I believe that this is the best way to go about getting a United Ireland that all communities can accept.


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