Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Well done Slugger!

I just thought I'd interrupt my temporary break from blogging to congratulate Mick Fealty and the boys for winning Best Political Blog in the Satin Pajama Awards.
Sadly it narrowly missed out on winning Best Weblog from the United Kingdom.
It matters little however.Slugger O'Toole had my votes and I'm pleased they won something.

Slugger O'Toole was my first real foray into blogging.I've enjoyed many debates over there with many of the contributors and Mick does an excellent job of keeping things in order by preaching for people to 'play the ball and not the man'.
They deserve the high praise they regularly receive and I have alot of respect for the quality of the blog,particularly at this moment in time as I confess to being a little burned out by running my own blog these past few months!
Slugger O'Toole makes blogging look easy.It isn't.Well done to them.


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