Thursday, February 03, 2005


IRA Only Throwing a Tantrum

The decision by the IRA to withdraw its offer of decommissioning weapons is simply a ploy by the group to turn the tables on the two governments.The IRA have been backed into a corner and they think by coming out with this grand,defiant statement that they will earn sympathy.
I'm sure that very soon the IMC will find the IRA guilty of the Northern Bank raid and this statement is preparation for that inevitabilty.

I have heard alot of talk about the IRA returning to violence.That won't happen!That is only what the terrorists want you to think!A return to violence would be disastrous for Sinn Fein.
I think pigs will fly before the IRA renews its campaign in this post-9/11 world.

So what to make of the recent statement by the IRA?I think it's a great opportunity for the governments.If the IRA wish to exclude themselves from the peace process then I say let them!
They are marginalising themselves.The importnat thing is that the two governments do not back down to the ultimatums of the IRA.They must stay united and resolute and show Sinn Fein that their bully-boy tactics will not succeed.


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