Friday, December 24, 2004


Fun Irelander Feature-Christmas Evil

So today is Christmas Eve but for me doing my Christmas shopping in Dublin it felt more like Christmas Evil.What is wrong with the people of this city?It seems like when God was handing out manners most of these people were out taking a whizz!
'Twas an icy miserable day today as I made my way into the city centre.As if it wasn't bad enough that the bus I was on was full,when I got off I was greeted by some good old Irish rain.I knew I should have brought an umbrella...Oh well...
As I made my way through the rain I realised just how full town was.The place was packed.Some people will say that I shouldn't complain as I left my shopping too late and that it's my fault for being lazy.Personally,I like to think of myself as motivationally challenged but fair enough I probably shouldn't complain about the amount of people out and about however I am entitled to complain about the bad-mannered,ignorant individuals who inhabit this city!
As I walked along the streets of Dublin,particularly Henry Street,I found various types of people who have as much decency as a herd of donkeys.People like:

I'm sure there are many more types that I haven't mentioned here.Overall I think what I've learned today is to definitely do your Christmas shopping a week or so in advance and not to leave it too late.Not because of the demand for items but because of the ill-mannered Dubs of this city who will depress you at this festive time!

Thankfully my mood is alot better now.I got some good items and what's more,I don't have to go back to Town for at least a couple of days!

Goodwill to all men!


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