Saturday, December 18, 2004


Saturday Survey

Each Saturday I intend to give a review of the week's events and to offer my opinions on certain individuals who have hit the headlines through my 'Saturday Survey'.Therefore let us now take a look at this week's choices:

Hero of the Week: Pope John Paul II:On Thursday it emerged the Pope had dismissedtwo priests of the Ferns Diocese in Co.Wexford.Fr Donal Collins and Fr James Doyle had been convicted by the civil courts of child abuse.On Friday,it emerged that in the Diocese of Kerry one of its priests had been defrocked by the Pope over an alleged sexual assault.
The Pope must be praised for his actions as the image of Ireland and the Catholic Church has been damaged by the shameful actions of such individuals.The Pope's tough line is most welcome and it would be great if,health permitting,he makes another visit to Ireland next year.

Villain of the Week: Bertie Ahern:There were numerous contenders but it has to be Ahern.He dropped the ball in the peace process by declaring the issue of photographs was not workable and that some other way would have to be found.As a result,he enraged Dr.Paisley and had to suffer the indignity of apologising to him.He also took deserved criticism from Enda Kenny on the Garda McCabe issue.
This was also a week where it emerged house prices had risen 8.4% in the last 11 months,a week where the Government was accused of knowing about the illegal charging of pensioners over 70 in nursing homes and a week in which the Dail agreed to the Government's proposal for a Christmas break lasting over a month until the 26th January.
What a great leader we have!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Paisley's tirade against Ahern: 'As far as we are concerned,Mr.Ahern is a man that can't be trusted'.Well Duh,Ian!Many Irish people could've told you that!

Dunce of the Week: Bertie Ahern: I know it seems like I'm picking on him,but does this man have any tact?Besides,Dubya hasn't been too prominent this week.

Celebrity of the Week: James Brown:The Godfather of Soul underwent successful surgery for his recently-diagnosed prostate cancer.
According to his urologist,Dr James Bennett,a full recovery is expected."I feel good"said Brown as he left the clinic.Glad to hear it,James.

Quote of the Week: "We had the issue of photographs,and that's not workable so we have to try to find some other way"- Bertie Ahern.D'oh!


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