Monday, December 20, 2004


Hero/Villain of the Day-20.12.04

Hero: Kathleen Lynch:The Labour spokeswoman quite rightly criticized the Government's decision to abandon plans to force doctors and dentists to publicly display their prices.
The move was promised last year by Tanaiste,Mary Harney,but reports today said Enterprise Minister Micheal Martin had abandoned the plan due to "legal and practical reasons".

This is yet another example of the dishonesty of this joke of a Government.Deputy Lynch said the Government was showing favouritism towards doctors and dentists."I think they're being treated differently"she said.They sure are.I guess in this Government's eyes all professions are equal,but some professions are more equal than others.

Villain: Mary Harney:She made a promise last year to force doctors and dentists to publicly display their prices.Like so many Irish politicians she has broken her promise.
This is a woman who has been repeatedly calling on the Irish people to keep a lookout for the cheapest price!

Rip-off Ireland is in safe hands with this woman.Hey better yet how about the Irish people keep a lookout for better politicians at the next election?That way we might get in politicians that actually KEEP THEIR PROMISES.


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