Saturday, December 18, 2004


Hero/Villain of the Day-18.12.04

Hero: Viktor Yushchenko:After an interview with the Press yesterday in which he accused the authorities of poisoning him,today a top security agency official,Volodymyr Satsyuk denied any involvement in the poisoning.

It looked likely from the startling change in Mr.Yushchenko's appearance that he'd been poisoned.This was confirmed last week.Mr.Yushchenko should be praised for demanding justice over the attempt on his life.

Villains: Car Theft Thieves Today:I was disgusted when I learned on A Tangled Web about an incident today in Lisburn,Co. Antrim, where a 16-month-old baby boy was thrown from a stolen car by the thieves.
The car was stolen from the boy's father who had stopped the vehicle after noticing the men attempting to steal another one.
The father was beaten and a man ripped part of his ear off with his teeth.
Thankfully the baby was uninjured although the father required hospital treatment.

I wouldn't have thought many things in the news would shock me these days but this incident was truly shocking.I hope the men who did this are caught soon and punished severely.


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