Monday, December 20, 2004


Monday Madness-Sinn Fein the Partitionist Party

I stated that each Monday I would give an angry rant about anything that is irritating me in politics.With that in mind,this week will see me focus my fury at Sinn Fein-The Partitionist Party.
Some nationalists might not like me saying that about them but I'll explain my reasons.
First of all,Sinn Fein,intentionally or unintentionally,is safeguarding the border's existence.
Why?Well even though they claim they back the Good Friday Agreement,the Agreement states that Irish unity will only occur if a majority north and south vote for it.Census results have indicated that the nationalist population will not overtake unionists any time in the future.Therefore it stands to reason that if SF really backed unity they would do their utmost to argue the case for it to the unionist people.Do they?No.Instead,they remain inextrciably linked to a paramilitary group that unionists despise with all their might.Does this sound like a party that backs Irish unity?Not in my book.
Secondly,their rhetoric and ideals are not compatible with the unionist community.They make no efforts to find a compromise for a united Ireland.It is either their way or not at all.What this means is that it will be not at all.I want to see Irish unity occur.It will not under these methods.
Therefore,to me,the Sinn Fein position is one of idiocy.

Let me explain further.Let's suppose a paramilitary group were to form which dedicated itself to world peace by any means necessary.Imagine if this group was prepared to kill and maim and use terrorist techniques to attain world peace.They kill and kill in their quest for peace and their actions only serve to enrage people who respond with hatred and an intention to kill back.Peace suffers.The group resond by telling their members and supporters that they must stick to their ideals no matter what as they are living in a world which is opposed to peace.Sound familiar?
It should.This is not a million miles away from the Sinn Fein position.They are linked to republicans who,in the eyes of the unionist community,want them gone.Sinn Fein's calls for Irish unity will not be heard because they are not willing to respect the unionist identity and respect a different way of doing things.They clutch to their ideals and they will wreck the chance for unity by doing so.

Sinn Fein will not bring Irish unity.Adams and McGuinness will not succeed.They do not comprehend that Irish unity is a marriage of two states and like a marriage of two people requires one thing above all else-compromise.Sinn Fein's worst enemy is not the DUP or Dr.Paisley.It is its own history.It is being consumed by its past.It cannot see the future.
If Sinn Fein were truly a party for reunification they would immediately call for IRA disbandment and they would not be hung up on issues like photographs and "humiliation".
Sinn Fein whether it realises it or not is keeping that border in place.If it succeeds in sending a few British troops home in some deal,don't be fooled by it!The troops may go,but the line on the map stays.Partition stays.

Sinn Fein are without a doubt a partitionist party.A vote for them is a vote wasted.If fresh elections are called soon by the Secretary of State I urge nationalists to vote for the SDLP.They have no guns,are not tied to the past and are practical about issues like Irish unity.If you want a united Ireland one day do not vote for Sinn Fein!
In the words of Indira Gandhi,"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist".


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