Sunday, December 19, 2004


Hero/Villain of the Day-19.12.04

Hero: Michael Finucane:The Fine Gael senator and former Limerick west TD today spoke out against the release of the killers of Garda McCabe.

He spoke about his experience of being kidnapped by the IRA in 1990 and said that experience has influenced his view that the McCabe killers should not be set free.

Mr.Finucane is absolutely right and I've been impressed by the stance Fine Gael have taken on this issue.The majority of the Irish people don't want those killers to be set free.

Villain: Michael McDowell:Stated today that he would be willing to tolerate the release of the killers of Garda McCabe.
He also said the IRA had ceased all major criminal activity in the Republic.One can't help but wonder why McDowell is pandering to republicans bearing in mind it's not too long ago republicans were found with information on TDs.
I'm disappointed with his views on the McCabe matter especially.


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