Thursday, December 23, 2004


God Save Ireland-From These Guys

I note today that a department store in Ballymena has suffered an arson attack in an arson campaign being blamed on dissindent republicans.
Similar incidents have occurred in the north in recent weeks.

Just what is the purpose of this campaign?Ireland is to be united thanks to a couple of stores going up in flames?Oh how proud men like Wolfe Tone and Robert Emmet would be to see this brave and noble campaign to free Ireland from the tyranny of Britishness!
Do the people doing these acts honestly think they will gain respect from it?
A century from now are Irish schoolchildren going to open their school books to read about the heroes who burned stores during the holiday season?I think not.

The criminals doing these acts shouldn't be called dissident republicans they should be called criminals.These incidents bring shame on Ireland and bring shame on the history of Irish Republicanism.


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