Wednesday, December 22, 2004



It's emerged tonight that the gang behind the bank heist in Ireland's north may be forced to dump more than half the cash.Most of the missing money is made up of new notes and money laundering experts in Britain believe it will be almost impossible for the thieves to shift the cash without arousing suspicion.
As for who committed the crime,police are refusing to rule out republican or loyalist paramilitary involvement.

Involvement by the Provisional IRA has not been ruled out.If it transpires that they did in fact commit this act,that is it for Sinn Fein.Their credibility(what's left of it)will be destroyed.
They have been linked to crimes before.The Independent Monitoring Commission blamed the Provos for a raid on a Makro Cash and Carry store in the south of Belfast last May.

If indeed the Provos did this,perhaps this is just what nationalism needs!Hopefully most nationalists would then turn to the SDLP and Sinn Fein would become marginalised.
However it's still early days and we can only speculate.This is one story to keep an eye on...


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