Saturday, October 03, 2009


The sheep and the wolves

Well the anti-democratic, dishonest, contemptible, morally bankrupt shower of government and EU ministers have finally got their way and frightened the people into voting Yes to the Lisbon Treaty. Congratulations. I won't hold my breath on there being a repeat of this referendum.

I was always of the view that democracy meant respecting the majority view, regardless of your feelings on the result, but the EU has shown you only have to respect results that back up your own narrow, insular agenda.

The Irish people have shown a staggering capacity for idiocy in giving support to the very people who have in the space of 8 years ignored two referendum results that they did not approve of. They have endorsed a government which specialises in breaking promises.

At least 1 in 3 of every voter refused to sell out on the principles of democracy and equality. Scant consolation however it must be said.

This country will rue the day they endorsed this mob mark my words. To steal a line from W.B. Yeats, all is "changed, changed utterly".

Remember October 2nd, 2009, as the day Irish people signed the death warrant on their democratic rights.

Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver, pat yourselves on the back, and rub your hands together with glee. You have successfully urinated on all the admirable principles that this country was founded upon. Once more, congratulations.

The sheep have made friends with the wolves. I wonder how that will turn out...

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