Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The Irish Govt - Heartless cretins

Why? Well, I'll let RTE explain:

"The planned national cervical cancer vaccination programme for around 75,000 young girls, due to start next year, has been scrapped by the Health Minister Mary Harney due to Budget cuts.

"The vaccine was to be offered to all 12-year-old girls in primary schools from next September, at an estimated cost of under €10m.

"The HSE recently completed and submitted its implementation plan for the vaccination programme to the Department of Health.

"But Minister Harney has said this evening that because of scarce resources, she will not be proceeding with the programme and intends to focus on cervical screening.

"Around 90 women die from cervical cancer each year, making it the eighth most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in Ireland.

"Two vaccines are available which prevent infection with the human papilloma virus, known to cause most cervical cancers.

"In August, Minister Harney announced that she had approved the start of the vaccination programme following the advice of an expert body.

"At the time, due to budgetary constraints, the minister decided not to proceed with a recommendation also for a catch up programme for 13-15 year old girls."

So to sum up, Irish women will die in the future from an illness that could have been prevented but won't be because of budget cuts.

Absolutely disgusting. Why oh why did Irish people choose to re-elect this shower of utterly despicable, morally corrupt cowards last year? I'm aware the world is suffering economically but there is a right and a wrong way of dealing with it. This is most certainly the WRONG WAY.

Fianna Fáil, PDs, Greens, you are an absolute embarassment. Shame on you all.


Obama heads to the White House

My hearty congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the US presidential election. The wider world seems to be very pleased at the news and while I don't believe he will bring a great deal of change to America, at least not in the near future, I think it is good to see the Democrats in power once again. If he makes a trip to Ireland he'll be very welcome. I felt he gave a very fine speech last night.

My commiserations to John McCain. I have a lot of admiration for the man and I think his concession speech was a very dignified one. I didn't like hearing the booing from the crowd but McCain was eager to silence that showing the honour and integrity he possesses. I wish him well.

My hope is that in future America becomes a source of hope in the world rather than a source of derision which is what it has been in recent times. Bush was not a likeable president and I doubt history will judge him too well. America's standing suffered with him at the helm. I do believe though that most of the world has a genuine fondness for Americans and wishes to see its government exercise its great power more responsibly. We shall look on the next four years with much interest.

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