Friday, November 11, 2005


Hello Mary Lou...

I came across this letter in Daily Ireland by Sinn Féin's favourite Dub Mary Lou McDonald regarding Sinn Féin's celebrations for its SUPPOSED centenary. (We all know better!) I have to say, she does talk some rubbish! Permit me to explain what I mean by highlighting some excerpts from the piece:

"One hundred years old, Sinn Féin celebrated our centenary year with a birthday bash in the City West Hotel, Co Dublin on Saturday evening last. It was an occasion to re-evaluate republicanism past, present and future."

Wow there must have been some looks of bewilderment on Shinner faces when you re-evaluated Arthur Griffith's brand of Republicanism which bears no resemblance to your own!

"The keynote address by Party President Gerry Adams focused on the journey which Irish republicans have taken and the emergence of a strong confident nationalist people prepared to reach out the hand of friendship and reconciliation to unionists and others."

There was alcohol at this celebration, wasn't there?

"It certainly seems that everyone wants to be an Irish Republican these days."

Everyone except Sinn Féin. Huh-ho!

"Fianna Fail, the SDLP and even Fine Gael want to get it in on the act lately."

Very revealing how Mary Lou refers to Republicanism as an 'act'. Freudian slip?

"The fact that not one other party in the Dail could bring themselves to support the Sinn Féin motion on Irish Reunification last week is disappointing."

It sure is. I guess Sinn Féin need to stop putting forward disappointing ideas! Perhaps a tad more re-evaluation is in order?

"What is required is more than an aspiration for Irish unity, but the real practical planning for how the island can be shared post partition. The other parties need to move beyond the rhetoric and sit down with all of those interested in bringing this about."

Um, surely what's needed is to sit down with all of those who aren't interested in bringing this about?

"Part of the process of building our new Ireland is through the recognition of and respect for diversity in Ireland."

What, you mean like this?

Good old Mary Lou. She's good for a laugh at least!

I said Hello Mary Lou
Goodbye common sense...


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