Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A bit of craic in the sack

Here's a bit of racy news for you. Apparently Irish people have sex around twice-a-week on average, according to an online survey conducted by a leading condom manufacturer.

The company said Irish respondents to the survey indicated that they had sex an average of 98 times a year, compared to 138 times in Greece and just 45 times in Japan.

It also said the average Irish respondent had 11.1 sexual partners in their lifetime, while half of respondents said they used a sex toy or enhancement product and 30% said they had engaged in bondage.

Elsewhere, 62% of Irish respondents said they had experienced a one-night stand, 12% admitted having an affair and 58% admitted having unprotected sex without knowing the sexual history of their partner.

I would normally sum up this kind of post with a cheeky and perhaps inappropriate comment but I think this time I'll leave that up to yourselves.

Now where did I leave those handcuffs?


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