Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Irish Unity - Why not?

Jo over at JoBlog made this interesting post asking any nationalists or Republicans who thought they were 'ard enuff' to convince her that a United Ireland would be a good thing. I gave her a list of reasons as to why it was of benefit but the cheeky thing didn't reply so I don't know what she made of them! (Unionists eh?) Anyway, I thought I would post up the reasons I gave and ask any unionists here on United Irelander to give their thoughts on what I said. So with that being said, here's why unionists should consider a United Ireland:

- More power and more sway. Unionists are a tiny minority in the United Kingdom but would be a very significant minority in a United Ireland.

- More prosperity. The North's economy has been a failure but if there was an all-Ireland economy there would be increasing north-south trade flows and, more importantly, a strengthening of indigenous industries.

- There would be a greater standard of living. Ireland has been mentioned as one of the best places to live by economists in recent times.

- The 'Irish problem' which has plagued people for centuries and which has been a general nuisance for people and politicians alike would be solved, which would give future generations the chance to build an Ireland free from the shackles of history.

- A chance to unite the province of Ulster as well. I favour a federal system of government in which Ulster could run its own affairs and this would mend the split between the 6 Ulster counties and the three Ulster counties of the Republic - Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan. Irish unity as well as Ulster unity.

- An end to the tribal politics which has plagued the North for decades. An end to people defining themselves based on 'unionist' and nationalist' tags.

In short, it would offer us all in Ireland - north, south, east and west - the chance of a new state with a new set of principles. A new future with new goals. It would also send a message to the people of the world that peaceful solutions can be reached which can satisfy all of us. I believe we can have a United Ireland that unionists, nationalists and everybody else can identify with.

So with that being said, why don't we go for it? Your thoughts?


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