Thursday, November 10, 2005


The horrors of war

Check out this video. (Not for the faint of heart)

It's a video, obtained by ABCNEWS, which shows grainy images of three Iraqis on the ground handling a long cylindrical object that the helicopter pilots believe is a weapon. The pilots, from the Army's 4th Infantry Division, ask their commanders for permission to engage, then take the three men out one by one, using the Apache's devastating 30 mm cannons.

Shockingly however it appears the people in the video are innocent civilians and that the targets respectively were a tractor and a grain drill and a truck full of seed and fertilizer next to a pick-up truck full of tools.

More information can be read here.

"A senior Army official who viewed the tape said the pilots had the legal right to kill the men because they were carrying a weapon. He said there were no ground troops in the area and if the Apache pilots had let the three Iraqis go, the men might have gone on to kill American troops."

The video reveals the true horrors of warfare. I must say that the gung-ho attitude of the US military, as evidenced in the video, is terribly disturbing indeed.

God bless those civilians.


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