Thursday, June 07, 2007


Money talks as Paris walks

So the world's most famous blonde bimbo Paris Hilton has been released from jail after serving just 3 days of her sentence. Fancy that, the US justice system taking it easy on a famous face! It reminds me of a scene from one of The Simpsons episodes when Krusty the Clown thought he'd be facing a prison term. He was told however:

"Krusty, this is America. We don't send our celebrities to jail. We're just going to garnish your salary."

According to the authorities poor Paris has been released due to a medical problem which they have refused to give details on. Perhaps the prison diet was to blame. Twas probably too filling for her and she ended up with a bad case of indigestion.

Hilton has now been forced to undergo house arrest 20 days before her revised jail term was due to end. This house arrest will of course be in her fancy swank mansion. Oh how horrible!

Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that Paris would be "confined to her home", that she must wear an ankle bracelet and would not be allowed out for parties or social functions. Yes folks. Justice - Yank style.

Los Angeles does it again

I really didn't think after the OJ Simpson fiasco that the American justice system, particularly that of the state of Los Angeles, could make a mockery of judicial proceedings any further by protecting celebrities but, lo and behold, they've gone and done it again.

Yes apparently OJ Simpson is not a murderer, Michael Jackson is not a child molester and Paris Hilton is not a money-mad, drunken, disrespectful skank.

God bless America indeed.

Update: Great news! The spoiled heiress has been returned to prison. Kicking and screaming too so they say. Even better! Wait to go, LA!


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