Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Starting off by looking back...

Some of you might have been wondering if I'd forgotten all about the project that has been ongoing here on United Irelander over the last few weeks, The 100 Greatest Irish People List.

Well you'll be pleased to know I haven't and that your votes haven't been in vain! I've compiled the list and I'll publish it soon.

For those wondering about the recent polls, the individuals who received the most votes in Poll 1 were Robert Emmet, Tom Crean and Sean Lemass. In Poll 2, the top figures were George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Clarke plus Jack Lynch and Eoin MacNeill who tied. In the final poll, the top three were Bobby Sands, Garret Fitzgerald and Kevin O'Higgins.

I stated originally that I intended the list to be as fair and open as possible so I will be putting most, if not all, emphasis on your voting patterns. I will also compile some facts and details on the eventual list.

Hopefully it will prove interesting and most important of all - fun - because that is what it's supposed to be more than anything else.

You might as well start off a new year by acknowledging the past. Here's to 2007...


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