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100 Greatest Irish People - Final vote

OK folks we've reached the final vote for the '100 Greatest Irish People' list. With regards to last week's two polls, the top individuals who received the most votes in Poll 1 were Countess Markiewicz, Charles Stewart Parnell plus George Best and Sean McBride who both got the same amount of votes. In Poll 2, the top three were Daniel O'Connell, James Joyce and James Larkin.

Now on to this week and for a final explanation on how this works, these are multiple choice polls meaning you tick the box of the figures you feel are most deserving of a HIGH ranking. The Irish figures with the most votes will feature higher in the eventual list while those with little support will be at the tail end of the list. You can select as many boxes as you like.

For instance, one of this week's polls features George Bernard Shaw and Eoin MacNeill so if you feel Shaw is a great Irish figure but don't feel that way about Jack Lynch, tick the box of Shaw only.

Here are details on the figures featured in the final polls...

Poll #1

Tom Crean - Kerry-born Antarctic explorer who received the Albert Medal for heroism after an 18 hour walk through 35 miles of Antarctic ice to save his comrade's lives. Was also part of Ernest Shackleton's three-man team who saved the 22 stranded men of the Endurance expedition.

Henry Joy McCracken - Belfast-born founding member of the United Irishmen who was hanged for his part in the United Irish rebellion after refusing to testify against his compatriots.

Robert Emmet - Leader of the failed rebellion of 1803 whose rousing speech from the dock inspired future generations of republicans. Born in Cork.

John Redmond - Home Rule leader from 1900 to 1918 who led the reunited party following the split over the Parnell affair and who helped secure the Third Home Rule Bill. Born in Wexford.

Sean Lemass - Former Taoiseach who helped bring Ireland away from its agricultural reliance and towards industry. Also worked hard at building bridges with the North. Born in Dublin.

Edmund Burke - Statesman and political thinker, most known for his support for the American Revolution. Born in Dublin.

Erskine Childers - Popular former President and son of revolutionary Robert Erskine Childers. Born in London.

Isaac Butt - Donegal born-barrister who abandoned unionism and founded the Home Rule Party due to his opposition to the handling of the Famine.

John Ballance - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and founder of that country's first organised political party. Born in Antrim.

Patrick Kavanagh - Monaghan-born poet most famous for his works The Great Hunger and On Raglan Road.

Poll #2

George Bernard Shaw - Dublin-born playwright who received the Nobel prize in Literature. Famous for his work Pygmalion.

Harry Ferguson - Developed the modern agricultural tractor and became the first person to fly in Ireland using an aircraft he invented himself. Born in County Down.

Henry Grattan - Campaigner for legislative freedom for the Irish Parliament in the 18th century and supporter of Catholic emancipation. Also opposed the Act of Union. Born in Dublin.

Saint Patrick - Patron saint of Ireland responsible for bringing Christianity to the island. Born in Wales.

Thomas Clarke - Senior IRB figure and leading figure of the 1916 Rising who was executed for his involvement. Born on the Isle of Wight.

Jack Lynch - Former Taoiseach and successful Gaelic footballer and hurler. Born in Cork.

Eoin MacNeill - Co-founder of the Gaelic League and leader of the Irish Volunteers.

Phil Lynott - Lead member of Thin Lizzy. Born in England.

Roy Keane - Retired former Manchester United and Irish footballer, regarded as one of the finest players to ever play the game. Born in Cork.

William Massey - Former New Zealand Prime Minister, noted for his skill and his support for rural interests. Born in Derry.

Poll #3

Bobby Sands - Provisional IRA member who gained global attention when he was elected as an MP whilst on a Hunger Strike that would result in his death. Born in Newtownabbey, Antrim.

Saint Brendan - Explorer saint whose exploits have gone down in folklore. Speculated that he discovered North America as opposed to Christopher Columbus. Born in Kerry.

Garret Fitzgerald - Former Taoiseach who attempted to liberalise Irish society and who secured the Anglo-Irish agreement. Born in Dublin.

Tom Barry - Cork-born IRA guerila leader during the War of Independence whose flying column made West Cork ungovernable for British authorities.

Martin Sheridan - Mayo-born athlete who represented the USA and who won four gold medals for discus throw and the shot put. Caused controversy when he refused to dip the flag to King Edward VII of England.

Alex Higgins - Belfast-born snooker player, regarded by many as the sport's greatest player. Played a big part in making the game popular.

John Devoy - Senior Fenian figure who gave much support for Irish independence from his exiled position in America. Born in Kildare.

Kathleen Clarke - Widow of Thomas Clarke , founder of Cumann na mBan and the first female Lord Mayor of Dublin. Received a state funeral upon her death. Born in Limerick.

Peter O'Toole - Celebrated actor, best known for his leading role in the film Lawrence of Arabia. Born in Galway.

Kevin O'Higgins - Former Sinn Féin MP, responsible for founding An Garda Siochána and played a key role in earning greater autonomy for Ireland within the Commonwealth. Assasinated in 1927 by anti-Treaty IRA men.

So there you have it. My aim is to have the list compiled and ready by the end of 2006. Now get votin'...


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