Thursday, December 14, 2006


Mr Bergis prank call

There's been a lot of worrying stuff in the news lately so this will hopefully cheer you up. This is a funny prank call I came across recently on Youtube involving two American radio show hosts playing a prank on some racist from Mississippi. The premise of the joke is that the racist - Mr Bergis - is a big NASCAR fan, while the hosts are pretending to be NASCAR representatives looking for feedback. Hilarity soon ensues when Mr Bergis learns that they plan on getting African-Americans more involved...

I've no idea if this is staged or not but I want to believe that it's not. If it is then it's very well acted. If you liked that one check out some of the other clips on Youtube. I also enjoyed this one involving poor Mr Bergis being asked to support Gay Day in Mississippi. Terrific stuff!


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