Thursday, October 12, 2006


Let the aliens land. They might be here to pick me up...

Am I pissed off? Sure.

Am I surprised? No question.

Am I disappointed? Without a doubt.

But as I sit here the main thing going through my mind is...

Just how stupid are the people of this country?

I'll let RTE explain:

There has been a big jump in support for Fianna Fáil, according to an opinion poll to be published in tomorrow's Irish Times.

The tns/MRBI poll shows that the current coalition parties have regained their lead over Fine Gael and Labour, despite recent controversies to hit the Government.

The poll, which was carried out on Monday and Tuesday, shows Fianna Fáil at 39%, an increase of 8 points since the last survey in May.

Fine Gael is down two to 26%, while Labour is down four to 11%. Sinn Féin are down one to 8%.

The PDs have gained one point to 4%, the Greens are also up one to 6%, while Independents are down three to 6%.

When voters were asked how satisfied they are with the party leaders, 53% said they were happy with the way Bertie Ahern is doing his job, an increase of one point since May.

In his first outing as party leader, Michael McDowell has a rating of 32%, which compares to the 34% Mary Harney got in May.

Enda Kenny is up two points at 42%.

What does Ahern HAVE TO DO before you people realise he's screwing you, huh? I'm starting to think this guy could walk down O'Connell Street, pull down his trousers and urinate on people and STILL get away with it without a drop in popularity.

The media would spin it as Ahern relaxing while out with the public and the mindless zombies that inhabit this country would lap it all up. I just don't get this shit, folks.

What is the fascination with this guy?

I'm definitely thinking Bertie has been involved in dodgy dealings. Matter of fact I think he's sold his soul to the devil in return for popularity levels that just cannot be tarnished. Apparently I'm immune to it. It's either due to my strong faith or my severe cynicism towards Irish political matters.

It would seem however I'm one of the lone voices screaming in the wind.

Only in Ireland could a corrupt politician screw the country and be honoured for it with a State funeral.

Only in Ireland could a politician come out of a scandal where he has lied to colleagues and compatriots alike with higher approval ratings.

Only in Ireland could a party which has wasted obscene amounts of money, overseen a massive decline in healthcare, been involved in numerous scandals and lied through their teeth be rewarded for it all with a surge in support.

Only in Ireland could an inexperienced individual be granted a top job, fail to live up to standards and yet be granted limitless time in said job.

Only in Ireland is mediocrity glorified and excellence ignored.

Only in Ireland.

My God, I'm living in a country full of morons.


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