Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ireland humiliated by Cyprus

I am absolutely sick to my stomach after watching Ireland's disastrous performance against Cyprus in Nicosia. Ireland were thoroughly thrashed 5-2 by the Cypriots in the worst showing I have ever seen from an Irish team. In truth, the Cypriots should have scored a lot more.

Though it was 2-2 at half-time, in the second half the boys in green (or should I say schoolboys) were outplayed, outclassed and shown to be completely out of their depth. We didn't even get a shot on goal in one of the most shambolic defensive displays you will ever see in international football.

Make no mistake about it this is an insult to this country. It is worse than 1995's infamous 0-0 draw with European minnows Liechtenstein. This result is a slap in the face for all our supporters and I sympathise greatly with the fans who travelled to Nicosia to watch that abomination.

On TV3 the commentator stated that the result would raise huge question marks over the side. Surely the biggest question mark of all is - why the bloody hell is Steve Staunton the manager? And before anyone tries to defend the droner from Drogheda, remember HE is the guy who picks the team, HE is the guy responsible for motivating the players and HE is the guy entrusted with organising the defence. I say therefore that it's the manager who must be held accountable for this fiasco.

Return to the circus you clown

To make matters worse, Richard Dunne, the best defender of a diabolical bunch, is missing from Wednesday's game after getting sent off today. Who are we playing on Wednesday again? Oh yeah that's right - the Czech Republic. How did they today you ask? Well, they hammered San Marino 7-0. Wow I can't wait for Wednesday!

So now with two games gone Ireland have no points and it seems we are destined to miss out on yet ANOTHER football tournament.

The way I see it, this situation is exactly the same as the one we were in for the qualifying stages of the European Championships in 2004. We ended up losing our opening two games away from home and Mick McCarthy was sacked. Now Steve Staunton must meet with the same fate if we are to have any hope of salvaging something from this group. Maybe we could still salvage some national honour.

Steve Staunton has talked about "building for the future" but do Irish fans really want the future of football in this country placed in his hands? Because I sure don't.

Sack Staunton immediately!


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