Tuesday, October 10, 2006


In memory of Paul Hunter

I'd like to take the time to express how saddened I am over the tragic death of snooker's Paul Hunter after a brave battle with cancer.

The three-time Masters champion from Leeds was diagnosed with dozens of neuro endocrine tumours on the lining of his stomach in March 2005. He would have been 28 on Saturday.

He leaves a wife, Lindsey, and a daughter, Evie Rose, who was born on Boxing Day of last year.

Despite chemotherapy treatment, Hunter continued to compete professionally but won only one match last season and fell from fifth to 34th in the rankings.

Many snooker players have paid tribute to Hunter with Ireland's Ken Doherty labelling him one of snooker's "greatest characters":

"It's a very sad day, not only for snooker but also for the sporting world."

"We've lost a great character, champion and a great friend. It's a shocking loss.

"He had everything, the world at his feet, and it's such a shame. He was one of our characters and a fantastic player.

"Words can't explain what his family must be going through and they are all in our minds and our prayers."

I echo Ken Doherty's comments. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I read about this on teletext last night. I am a big snooker fan and have watched Paul Hunter numerous times. He will be missed.

It's tragic to see someone so young die from this horrible disease. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and young child.

I hope that the snooker world honours him in a proper way. Perhaps they could name a trophy after him and it would be fitting too I feel if the players who participate in the next major snooker final donate some, if not all, their winnings to the family of Paul Hunter as well as to Cancer Research UK.

RIP Paul.


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