Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The final horror

Well this is a new low alright. For the first time in the history of the FIFA world rankings, NI have overtaken the Ireland team.

Apparently defeating the football giants of Latvia sees you climb 13 places. Whatever.

Lawrie Sanchez has been busy gloating to the media:

"When I took over the best part of three years ago we had not scored for 13 games in something like two years, and we had not won in 14 games."

"I said at the time the first thing was to score a goal, the next was to win a game and the third was to improve our world ranking from 124th.

"We scored in our first game, won our second, are now 45th in the rankings."

Wow move over Darren Clarke! This guy needs to win sports personality of the year! His team scored a goal! His team won a game! And...gasp...they moved ahead in the FIFA rankings (even though the rankings are a total farce anyway). What an achievement! Lawrie Sanchez is clearly a managerial genius!

This whole thing is farcical in another way too though. As my friend remarked to me today, "they're not even a country". Indeed. The whole thing is absurd really.

'Yes we're ahead of ACTUAL countries!'

Unsurprisingly, the bigots in NI's support base are orgasmic at this point. Here's a few gems from the Our Wee Cunt...erm, Country site:

"How about joint equal with the paddys, that would cause a bit of embarressment down there!"

Paddys? How hilarious is it that they call us paddys! I never knew that. What do they think they are? Jocks? 'Paddys' would be how the Brits would refer to them. How funny they are! Here's another one:

"Isnt it absolutely delightful that the beggars are now behind us!"

'Beggars'. Charming term for us isn't it? No wonder the rest of the world rewards the Irish team's supporters yet hates NI supporters. These are the same supporters who issue death threats to a guy just because he's a Catholic. The same people who used to abuse players for their religion. The "taigs". It's funny we're referred to as the beggars since there are tons of players born in the north who are begging to play for our team! A final gem:


Yeah my friends from the North tell me the exact same thing when they come down to Lansdowne Road to watch the IRISH team play.

All this excitement over a non-event. After all, the mighty Mali are ranked 41 and Guinea are ranked 31! Do these countries even have stadiums or footballs for that matter? Have FIFA checked?

I personally can't wait until the proper Irish team regains its rightful place above these miserable NI clowns. I hope the Spanish absolutely stuff them!

Enjoy your moment while it lasts NI fans because it wont last for long. FIFA might think the world of you but the rest of the world knows you're abysmal and we would destroy you if our teams met one on one. Deal with it.

Oh and one more thing - I hold Staunton responsible for this debacle.


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