Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Taoiseach opposes Irish sovereignty

No Constitution! I see the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been busy sucking up to his masters in Brussels.

In a speech last night to mark Europe Day (whatever the hell that's about) the Taoiseach said the European Union was still the best way forward for Ireland despite its imperfections, frustrations and jargon.

Fair enough you might say but then the undemocratic nature of the speech was brought to bear when he disgracefully called for the revival of the European Constitution - which has been REJECTED by French and Dutch voters - and which apparently has the support of a paltry 15% of the country!

Ahern implored:

"The European Union is very far from perfect. I know that better than most. For many years I have had to deal with its imperfections, its frustration and its jargon.

"But there is no part of the world in which we could be more fortunate to live." (So why change things and make them our masters?)

"It continues to expand its membership to embrace a growing family of democratic nations in a world where the frontiers of democracy risk being rolled back." (More and more nation-states to dominate, eh?)

He then regretably reiterated his belief in the importance of the stalled European Constitution, which he was involved in negotiating during Ireland's EU presidency (for which he should be ashamed):

"The European Constitution is the right choice for Europe."

It's not Bertie and you know it.

"It is the right choice for Ireland."

It isn't.

"The Dáil will devote a full day of its business to European issues tomorrow to celebrate Europe Day and the European Commission Representation in Ireland will be hosting a lunchtime cultural street party on South King Street in Dublin, with up to 20 European countries showcasing their traditions, culture and food.The commission is also sending its information team on an EU bus, which will be travelling the streets of Dublin, stopping in key locations in the city centre to give out useful EU information."

Wow that's super but none of those fancy European meals can justify robbing Ireland of its voice in the EU and allowing this state to be at the mercy of France, Germany et al.

Ahern seems content to prostitute this country's sovereignty so he can get a lot of euros and get his back slapped but I'm confident that the rest of the Irish people will resist his efforts to turn this great country into the whore of Europe.


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