Friday, May 05, 2006


Support for EU Constitution plummets!

Shove your constitution where the sun don't shine! I was delighted to learn that the EU Constitution, the document which poses a grave threat to Irish sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of countless other European nation-states, has suffered a dramatic loss of support right here in Ireland.

The figures contained in the latest Eurobaromoter survey show that support for the EU Constitution now stands at just 15% - it once stood at 78% with Irish voters.

Quite a large drop then!

In other news, two thirds of people (68%) in Ireland think membership of the EU is a good thing.

I personally wouldn't regard our membership of this rotten Union as a "good thing" but I would grudgingly accept that there are economic advantages to be had for Ireland from being inside as opposed to being outside.

The important thing here however is that the EU Constitution is on its knees. It is not dead yet though by any means and if the corrupt cronies in Brussels have their way, then we here in Ireland will have to deal with this pathetic document at some stage.

I am encouraged nonetheless that the bureaucrats will be faced with quite a fight on their hands when they try to pry Irish sovereignty from the hands of the Irish electorate.

Non, no, nein, ní dóigh liom é. You can say it however you like but the message remains the same - we don't want your damn constitution!


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