Monday, May 08, 2006


Should Fine Gael be returned to power?

I've made Fine Gael a central theme here on United Irelander today in light of their recent Ard Fheis. I must say I've been very impressed with what Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny had to say as well as the policies his party are ready to implement if elected. I especially like the emphasis on crime and healthcare as in my opinion it's in these areas that this government has underperformed the most.

I'm interested now in your views of Fine Gael after they set their stall out at their Ard Fheis. Should they be elected along with Labour instead of the current FF/PD coalition? Have they failed to win you over? Or are you still undecided? I've added a poll to United Irelander which asks the question:

Should Fine Gael be returned to power?

Please take the time to vote in the poll and explain your opinions in the comments section of this post. My own view, at this moment in time, is that Fine Gael and Labour should be in power after the next election. We've had the current coalition for too long and it's time for a change. I think Fine Gael's policies are sound and that they can improve the standard of living for Irish citizens.

What do you think though?


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