Saturday, May 06, 2006


Nurses blast Health Minister Harney

Well said! I see the Irish Nurses Organisation has unanimously passed a motion of no confidence in the Tánaiste and Minister for Health, Mary Harney at their annual conference in Cavan.

During a 50-minute debate, nurses accused the Tánaiste of failing the patients and nurses working in the healthcare system. Ms Harney was also accused of promoting private healthcare.

The INO General Secretary, Liam Doran, (pictured above) urged the minister to talk to the nurses rather than at them.

The motion comes following the minister's rejection of the nurses' demands for increased pay and shorter working hours.

It highlights what the INO says is the failure of her ten-point plan to ease overcrowding in the country's accident and emergency units.

The motion also highlights what the INO claims is Ms Harney's negative and antagonistic attitude towards nurses and what it sees as a lack of clarity in how to address the problems facing the health service.

Someone else!


I welcome this motion of no confidence in the Tanaiste. The healthcare system in this country is an absolute shambles and in my eyes it is the biggest blot on this Government's record in power.

It seems Ms Harney isn't bothered about the opinions of the nurses however as the Irish Examiner has reported that she has dismissed the vote of no confidence.

In a statement issued after the vote, Ms Harney described it as "a pity" and said it would not change her determination "to achieve the world-class health service that Ireland deserves".

So basically she's decided to continue closing her eyes and covering her ears over the health crisis in this country.

The real "pity" here is that we have a government in power that seems to acknowledge the problems we face but yet at the same time has no clue what to do about them!

Roll on 2007 I say!


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