Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Montenegro free but what about Ireland?

Montenegro have had their moment, when do we have ours? I wish to congratulate the people of Montenegro who have gone and voted for independence and for the right to govern their own affairs free of interference from Serbia.

It must be wonderful to know that your country is now free. I hope one day to experience what the people of Montenegro are right now feeling.

I must admit though I'm a bit troubled by the role of the European Union in this matter. The European Union had said a minimum 55% threshold of 'Yes' votes was needed for Montenegro to secede. (Why 55%?)

Commenting on the result which reached the required 55% minimum requirement, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana remarked from Brussels:

"We will fully respect the result of the referendum."

Oh how nice of them! After all, they don't always respect democracy do they? I wonder if we'll hear them give their blessing in such a referendum conducted in Ireland? I'd like to see them try and disrespect a pro-United Ireland result!

Still, EU aside, the important thing here is that the people of Montenegro are now able to enjoy national freedom. It's just a dreadful shame that while so many countries around Europe are allowed to enjoy their national freedom, the small island of Ireland on the outskirts of Europe continues to be denied its national freedom.

The wishes of the majority of the Irish nation's inhabitants are ignored in order to placate a majority within an artificially constructed entity that was designed to ensure a majority. Warped? Yes. But we must deal with this state of affairs.

I hope that in the near future Ireland's destiny is granted and that the unity of the national territory is restored. We continue to suffer the sins of past British imperial aggression and unionist intransigence but I remain confident that one day soon, the wishes of the Irish people will be answered and that the people in the North will come to realise that they are better off with their compatriots south of the border.

Commenting on Montenegro's historic moment, pro-independence Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said:

"Today, the citizens of Montenegro voted to restore their statehood.

"This is the most important day in Montenegro’s recent history."

Indeed it is. Let us now hope that the most important day in Ireland's history is not too far away...


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