Monday, May 22, 2006


Carson and Craig turning in their graves?

C&C I was quite amused by this letter in the Belfast Telegraph from a former delegate to the Ulster Unionist Council, who is unhappy with the Ulster Unionist Party for getting into bed with the PUP, the political wing of the UVF. 'Disgusted' writes:

"As a former delegate to the Ulster Unionist Council, I am disgusted beyond belief at my old party for allying itself with the main UVF spokesman in the Assembly.

"Since it failed last year to get the 'decent' vote, perhaps the UUP is going after the 'indecent' people instead.

"It is morally reprehensible for a party allegedly committed to the rule of law to form a pact with those who speak for the dregs of unionist society.

"The UUP has ceded the moral high ground.

"Never again will it be able to condemn the IRA for its thuggery and criminality without deserved charges of hypocrisy.

"Sir Reg has prostituted his office in a quite disgraceful fashion.

"Over the last decade a once great party has been wrecked by those charged with its leadership. Carson, Craig and Brookeborough would turn in their graves if they could see this squalid deal."

Disgusted, London

While I support the sentiments, I can't help but laugh at the suggestion that Carson and Craig would be turning in their graves over this deal.

I mean Carson and Craig would have never entered into an alliance with loyalist paramilitaries, would they?


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