Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Weekend interviews on the horizon

I've been pleased with the response to the Words on Wednesday interviews that I've conducted here on UI. It has proved to be perhaps the most popular feature on the site.

Since I enjoy interviewing people I've decided to conduct more interviews on United Irelander - this time over the weekend. These weekend interviews, which I've tentatively labelled 'Weekend Words' (took me ages to think of that), will not be political interviews like the ones I do mid-week. Instead they will be more light-hearted and I hope to use it to interview a wide range of people from entertainers to TV personalities to authors etc.

I've not been happy about the fact that I don't have any weekend features on the site so this is to fill the void.

Anyway, first up to be interviewed for my Weekend Words feature will be Irish Blog Awards host and 2FM presenter Rick O'Shea.

Feel free to offer up suggestions on who you'd like to see me interview in future and I'll see what I can do.


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