Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Top Ten Tuesday - Political issues

Who will have power here I commented below on Fine Gael's plans that they hope will see them get into government once again.

Fine Gael's strategy is part of an initiative they are calling "Ireland Deserves Better". As campaign slogans go, it's pretty lame. The main themes of their campaign however will be health, crime and the waste of public money.

With that being said, I got to thinking about some of the issues I feel strongly about and would like to see progress on, and pretty soon, a list formed in my head.

So without further ado I give to give you all the top ten political issues I want to see tackled:

1. The North - I remember Bertie Ahern saying that for a Taoiseach, NI is probably the most important issue to be dealt with. I would agree with that. When you take into account too the recent Sunday Business post poll which found a majority in favour of a United Ireland and 22% believing achieiving this should be the Government's top priority, it's clear NI remains a very important issue here in the South.

2. Health - I've commented many times on the lousy job this Government has done in relation to health matters. See here and here. If parties can come forward an offer sound solutions to sorting out the current problems, myself and the rest of the Irish public will be all ears.

3. Crime - Crime has been a big problem for this government and question marks have been raised about the Justice Minister's handling of the situation. Remember the recent spate of gang killings? I want these people caught! Crime does seem to be getting worse by the week in this country.

4. Road deaths - Readers will know about my feelings on this issue. I don't feel enough is being done to stop the rising number of people killed on our roads.

5. The economy - Fianna Fáil would argue that Ireland has done well economically but what about the cost of living here? Remember 'Rip-off Ireland'? If other parties can offer reasons how they could do better I will hear them out.

6. Education - This is another important issue and recent news that disruptive behaviour in secondary schools is at "crisis point" is a real concern.

7. Yob behaviour - I wouldn't put this in the same bracket as crime because when I refer to yob behaviour I'm talking about the typical bad rabble you see hanging around corners at night. They are a menacing presence for communities, particularly to the elderly, and if solutions can be offered to deal with them I will again be very interested in hearing about them.

8. Drugs - This might be related to the above point. Drugs are as problematic now as they have ever been yet I think more could and should be done.

9. European Union - I am very wary of the EU and I wish more parties would stop entrusting so much faith in that lousy shower from Brussels. The EU Constitution remains a concern of mine.

10. Irish language - I'd like to see some sound proposals for helping the Irish language. My own view is that Irish ought to remain a required subject at Leaving Cert.

So there you have it. The top ten political issues I'd like to see tackled by political parties. Whichever party deals with them the best will get my vote. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer up some of your own.


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