Saturday, March 11, 2006


Weekend Guest post

The following article was written by MWK. I'd like to thank him for contributing to United Irelander.

Unionism - Where does it need to go?

The vast majority of Republican sites are always banging on about Unionism being a dead-end philosophy, with no future, and nowhere to go.

Well, I got news for you sunshine, Pink isn't here he stayed back in the hotel. (Sorry, for those of us whose mother's played such music to us growing up, there is only one way for 'I got news for you sunshine' to end.) I got news for you. That is true. It isn't going anywhere, and it is a deadend. Why? Because where does it need to go? It has arrived where it wants to be, its people have what they want, and there is no need for it to make the effort of make-up and heels. Sure isn't it the Republicans who need to do the chatting up?

Speaking as someone from a Unionist background who would be more sympathetic to a United Ireland than some of my compatriots, the work in this relationship doesn't need to be from the UK side. The strop and temper tantrums of Nationalists didn't work. Bombing and maiming didn't work. Charm, people, charm. You don't pick up women in bars by blustering in with fists and expletives.

So all the naysayers, trying to spin that Unionism is defunct of ideas. What ideas does it need? It has Union with London. (And before the arms and hackles get raised, I am aware of misdeeds in the past, of discrimination. I oppose all that. Down with that sort of thing.)

Republicanism needs to do more. It needs to come out of the ghetto, needs to appeal in a new way, not to sneer and be as intolerant as is shown by those from Northern Ireland. (I mean, not using prejorative terms like 'Occupied Six Counties', 'Ireland's North' and so on would be a good start. As soon as I hear people starting with that, you know their opinion straight away. You don't hear me saying 'Last time I was in the unoccupied twenty-six counties' do you? Oh, wait, I have done, only to show the two-faced-ness and slanted arguments used by facile shinners. And wind them up. Earnest young men selling Socialist Worker really need to get lessons in reality.)

Acknowledging that there is a union with the UK would be a start. Accepting that some like this arrangement (the majority, natch) would also be good. Understanding this, then changing your mode of thought would be the way forward. But oh no! It isn't a majority on the island. *sigh* Shall we dance round it once more?

I don't need to apologise for what I am. I don't need to be made to feel like a leper in my own country. I don't need unrepentant Trots to dictate the way I should think.

People. We are not from Cork.


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