Friday, March 10, 2006


Honouring murderers

How many people died due to these guys?I see courtesy of UTV that the British Armed Forces minister Adam Ingram has said the 'service and sacrifice' of the UDR and Royal Irish Regiment will be formally recognised.

Speaking during a visit to meet soldiers from the RIR home battalions in Drumadd Barracks in Armagh, he said the details had still to be worked out but he said the honour would be along similar lines to the George Cross awarded to the RUC.

Mr Ingram said most of the soldiers he met this morning had been satisfied with the pay offs he announced yesterday.

Wow, isn't that something? One wonders what they will put on the medals? Probably something like:

"For outstanding valour and courage in the face of immense obstacles and for the heroic murders of

Adrian Carroll, for being a Catholic

- Paul Kelly, a teenager, for being a Catholic

- Seamus Ludlow, for being an Irish Catholic

- Patsy Kelly, for being an Irish nationalist

- The Miami Showband, for the crime of being Irish entertainers

"We thank you for your diligent service."

Actually, now that I think about it, that might not all fit on the one medal.

Similarly, neither would these names.

Service and sacrifice indeed.


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