Friday, March 10, 2006



Onwards and upwards! Over the last few weeks I've talked about making changes to United Irelander in order to make the site a better all-round reading experience for you all. Back in February I asked you to offer up any ideas you might have to improve the place, which a few of you did, and those opinions have been taken on board.

At the end of January I posted about how that month had set new records for visits that month with 7,500. Well I'm happy to report that February set a new record and smashed the previous record with over 10,000 visits. The aim is to continue to improve on that so you can expect the following here on United Irelander:

- More Weekend Guest Posts - I intend to continue this relatively new feature and I have received an article from Stray Toaster which will be published over the weekend which I found a very good read and I reckon you'll enjoy it too. If any of you are interested in submitting a post to appear on UI just e-mail it off to me through the address on my sidebar. It can be on whatever you like.

- New colour scheme - I've decided to change the colour scheme so the light blue will be given the boot. With St Patrick's Day coming up and with the Easter Rising commemorations approaching fast, it feels like the right thing to do to freshen the place up.

- Weekly interviews - This is perhaps the most exciting new addition. I mentioned earlier in the week that the 'What If'? Wednesday feature would be replaced and I can now reveal that I will be replacing it with a feature involving interviews with those involved in political life. Damien Blake, Fianna Fáil Mayor of Letterkenny, very kindly agreed to answer my questions and you can hear his views on a wide range of issues including his life as Mayor, his thoughts on a United Ireland, his thoughts on speaking rights in the Oireachtas for Northern MPs, Fianna Fáil in government and much, much more this Wednesday. Make sure to check it out. I have also had some interest from a few TDs that will hopefully lead to interviews at a future date and I would hope to have a few MPs from the North interviewed as well.

I hope you all enjoy the new features on United Irelander and that they make for interesting reading.



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