Thursday, February 16, 2006


Thursday Thoughts: A small tale...

A severed entity Gather round dear readers and I shall tell you a tale...

You know, sometimes doing the right thing can be hard to do. Sometimes we desperately want what's best for our future but we lack the motivation required to do what's best. We ignore the difficult realities that are in front of us. We know that change is for the better but we just can't make the necessary steps to get there. Such a situation plagued a young man called Fatlad.

Poor Fatlad was a troubled soul, not just because of his name, but because he had led a harsh and painful life. He had many demons in his past which he had to face each and every day. Thankfully it seemed he had conquered the worst of them. Unfortunately though, Fatlad had a new problem to face - his lack of motivation. He was lazy, apathetic and content to sit by and let his family run his life for him.

Poor Fatlad's family had been through alot as well. The patriarch of the household was the father, Tony, who desperately wanted what was best for his son. Uncle Peter helped out around the house as well. He too wanted what was best for Fatlad but Fatlad was pretty wary of his uncle. In truth, Fatlad missed his mother, Torrie, who had not shown much of an interest in him in recent years. He also missed his grandmother, Maggie, who was no longer on the scene either. Fatlad's apathy caused major problems for the family. His siblings, John, Jock and Gwyneth didn't like him and felt he ought to be thrown out of the household. Tony too felt deep down that Fatlad would be better off outside the family but Fatlad would have none of it. "Never!" he would scream, and Fatlad had quite the temper. The issue was complicated however by Fatlad's love interest who desperately wanted to be with him, Kathleen.

Poor Kathleen was deeply in love with Fatlad even though he could be very cruel to her at times. They had been married but Fatlad decided to divorce her due to conflicts between Kathleen and the family. The issue was complicated further due to the fact that Kathleen had three young kids, Len, Conn and Mun-Mun. The three children adored their father but Fatlad had an on-off relationship with his kids. Things had started to pick up for Kathleen though as Fatlad had managed to beat his personal demons. The children were allowed to form bonds with their own father, due in part to a good relationship between Fatlad's father Tony and Kathleen's mother, Bertha. In fact, Fatlad and Kathleen had realised that they still had strong feelings for each other, they had been through alot after all, and they had their own family to think about. Kathleen had thus put forth the idea of a marriage between herself and Fatlad for the good of all concerned.

On the face of it, it looked like the perfect solution. Kathleen was pretty well off thanks to her wealthy family and together she and Fatlad could form a life of their own whilst giving Fatlad's family their own personal freedom as well. Thus, Fatlad is left with a major decision to make and I regret to inform you dear readers that Fatlad at this point has not yet made his mind up about what to do. So what is the solution?

Does Fatlad go with Kathleen and start a new and better life or does he stay with his family, leeching off them, and being a burden on their shoulders?

How do you think this story should end?


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