Thursday, February 16, 2006


'Move if you want to fly the tricolour'

Irish men and women will fly the flag wherever we want! Here's another silly letter, this time courtesy of the News Letter, from Lyn McC Hawkins of Tennessee:

"If the Sinn Fein councillors in Fermanagh and all other supporters of Sinn Fein do not like the Union flag flying on British soil, they are free to move to the Republic of Ireland and fly the tricolour."

Actually they can fly the Irish tricolour anywhere in Ireland.

"When is Prime Minister Tony Blair going to stand up for the United Kingdom and her people, rather than kissing up to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland?"

Since when is Tony Blair kissing up to the Taoiseach? I would suggest that if Tony Blair truly stood up for the UK and her people, he would end up signing away NI altogether!

"It's very odd that Tony Blair is sending brave young British troops to Iraq to fight and die against terrorism, but yet supports an international band of terrorists, IRA/Sinn Fein, who killed hundreds of loyal innocent British citizens in cold blood."

Um, since when does Tony Blair support the IRA? Where do you get your facts from?

"If it weren't for double standards, Tony Blair and his followers wouldn't have any standards at all."

And if it wasn't for your nonsensical ramblings this letter might actually have a decent point to make!

How can someone from America have the cheek to tell Irish nationalists in the North to move if they want to fly their flag?

Hey Lyn, how about you move to Ireland before you comment again on Irish affairs?

Fair is fair, right?


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