Wednesday, February 01, 2006


'IRA still spying' - IMC

Uh-oh. Hopes of an early return to power-sharing in Ireland's north have been dealt a blow with the British and Irish governments being told that the IRA is still engaged in intelligence gathering, report The Times.

In a report delivered to London and Dublin Monday night, and expected to be published later today, the Independent Monitoring Commission says that the IRA is still spying, apparently with the support of its leadership.

It also suggests that elements of the IRA remain involved in criminal activity, although it voices uncertainty over whether it is still sanctioned by the leadership.

However, the report will be positive about the behaviour of the IRA because it promised last July to end the armed struggle, emphasising that there are no overt signs of activity connected with terrorism.

Privately the British and Irish governments are thought to be relaxed about the findings, believing that the positive signs outweigh the negative and at least relieved that none of the intelligence gathering appears to be related to any desire by the IRA to restart its campaign.

Even so, politicians in both capitals believe that the report will not be enough to persuade the Rev Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionists, to open contacts with Sinn Fein. The DUP holds it annual conference in Belfast on Saturday.

Hmm. What are the chances of Big (bigot) Ian surprising us and opting for power-sharing?

I said No!

I think that scenario is pretty unlikely. If what The Times says is true, then the IRA have dropped the ball big time. This will play right into the hands of the DUP.

We could have been on the verge of an exciting new time. A breakthrough. Instead, if what we're being led to believe is true, then we will be subjected to the same old bullshit. The DUP will claim the Shinners can't be trusted, the Shinners will claim the DUP aren't interested in progress, the SDLP and the UUP will bemoan the both of them and the two governments will try and act like everything is fine and dandy.

Don't cry Tone, it'll be alright
Bertie, it's just too much!

The IRA have already decommissioned but they seem intent on giving the DUP yet more ammunition through their continued illegal activities.

Old habits die hard eh?


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