Monday, January 30, 2006


Bruce declares for Ireland

The Irish team can actually defeat other countriesThis is a great bit of news that I came across on Slugger.

Birmingham defender Alex Bruce has opted to declare for the Republic of Ireland team, despite being selected in the North's under-21 side.

Manchester-born Bruce qualifies to play for both countries through his grandparents.

Bruce, son of manager Steve, was last week selected by Northern Ireland for an under-21 clash with Israel, however, he looks set to turn them down in the hope of working his way into Steve Staunton's Ireland set-up.

The smart man in question
Ireland's newest acquisition

Bruce has explained why he turned down the NI team in favour of the Irish team.

"I'm very flattered that Northern Ireland and the Republic are both showing an interest in me.

"But I think I'm going to pick the Republic purely because I think they are a better team. That's no disrespect to Northern Ireland. I've still got a few things to sort out but hopefully I will be playing for them soon."


I like this guy already!

In other words, no offence to the NI team but you're muck and the Irish team are far superior! Therefore, slán libh!

I salute Alex Bruce on a wise decision. Why waste your time going to a team whose main goal will be to finish above Liechtenstein and who have a fanbase that contains a hefty portion of bigots, when you can instead join the Irish team who will be challenging for qualification and who have the greatest supporters in the world? It's a no-brainer.

Best of luck to the young lad. Hopefully he will prove an excellent addition to the Irish squad!


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