Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ireland wastes its money for the EU

Get us out of here! Here's more evidence of the negative influence on Ireland by the EU, courtesy of the Herald:

"The Government's recently introduced Early Childcare Allowance is to be paid to the children of all workers from EU countries living here, regardless of whether their children are resident in Ireland.

"Up to 65 workers from new EU countries are signing up each week.

"All parents will get €2,800 a year from the State for a child under six, as part of a €2.35bn spend.

"But the Government was accused last night of underestimating the cost of the package by not adding in the numbes of new EU workers entitled to the payments."

This is ridiculous. It's amazing how much this Government cares about the well-being of foreigners as opposed to their own compatriots who elected them.

I thought charity begins at home? I guess satisfying Ireland's EU overlords is more important.

Yet again Ireland bends over and takes one for Brussels! Shameful!


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