Saturday, December 03, 2005


Legend laid to rest

As I'm sure you're all aware, football legend George Best was today laid to rest beside his mother Ann in Belfast.

The police said an estimated 75,000 to 100,000 were on the streets and at Stormont for the funeral.

I found it very moving myself to listen to the poem read out by George's son, Calum, which was given to him by Belfast woman, Julie McClelland, which had struck a chord with him.

The poem was called 'Farewell our Friend' and he became very emotional as he read it. The poem is as follows:

"Farewell our friend, but not goodbye,

"Your time has come, your soul must fly.

"To dance with angels, find the sun,

"But how we'll miss our special one.

"He walks among us just a while,

"Weaved your magic, made us smile.

"Your life was so full of light and tears,

"We lived it through you, through the years.

"The golden days, they went so fast,

"The precious times, why can't they last?

"So many loved you, did you know?

"We were not ready to let you go.

"The stars from Heaven are only lent,

"A gift from God, that's why they're sent.

"We won't forget our Belfast boy,

"He filled our lives with so much joy.

"Your star will shine now in the sky,

"Farewell our friend, but not goodbye."

A truly beautiful poem. Farewell George. This world is a poorer place without you. RIP.


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