Thursday, December 01, 2005


SDLP 1 Sinn Féin 0

"The scheme that we negotiated was published by the two governments at Weston Park (peace talks) in 2003 and related only to OTRs. It did not include members of British state forces.

"Sinn Féin’s position is absolutely clear: we are opposed to the inclusion of British state forces in the current legislation.

"In our view, it represents the latest attempt by the British state to conceal the truth about its involvement in the killing of citizens." ~ Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams speaking on the OTR proposals on November 23rd of this year.

Now today over on Slugger O'Toole they have highlighted remarks made by the SDLP's Alex Atwood proving that Sinn Féin DID know that British state forces would be included! You can read the details in full on Slugger here but the damning details are as follows:

- Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams have both said publicly that Sinn Féin did not accept that members of the British state forces should be part of this process.

- They did accept it - and we have final proof. We have gone back to the Sinn Fein/British Government side deal of April 2003. It states that a qualifying offence would be any scheduled offence committed before 10 April 1998.

- Scheduled offences are offences like murder, bomb making, possession of weapons and are always tried in Diplock Courts.

- State killings in Northern Ireland are scheduled offences. That’s why people like Guardsmen Fisher and Wright and Lee Clegg were tried in Diplock Courts.

- So when Sinn Fein signed up to anybody who committed any scheduled offence before 1998 being able to skip jail, they accepted state killers getting away with it - now and in the future. They accepted this in black and white in the Hillsborough side deal.

Another significant aspect is in relation to loyalists since the IRA were at least required to decommission, however: "loyalists will be able to benefit even if they do not decommission a single bullet. Even if they do not end their drug dealing, intimidation, punishment shootings and crime. If this legislation is passed, the UDA will be able to benefit right away."

Relatives for Justice, the Pat Finucane Centre and Justice For the Forgotten all oppose this legislation! Why then are Sinn Féin supporting it?!

Let every Sinn Féin supporter look deep down within themselves and ask themselves in good conscience if they can support legislation which is built on UTTER LIES from the Sinn Féin hierarchy and which are opposed by VICTIMS OF BRITISH STATE COLLUSION!

What are you people? Republicans? Or sell-outs?

As 'Alajn' on Slugger O'Toole so eloquently put it:



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