Friday, December 02, 2005


McDowell - A true Republican

Tom Griffin over at The Green Ribbon highlights some pro-Unity comments from Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

"I strongly believe that a united Ireland would benefit all the people on this island, including unionists. Whether it is 2016, or 2036, it will probably happen within the next generation," said McDowell.

The Minister went on to warn that Ireland must become a more accommodating place for the unionist tradition, which he said was a big part of the island's heritage.

"It is not republican to be anti-British. The people of Britain have been very, very good neighbours by any standard," he said.

"This country has to embrace its Anglo-Irish traditions, not as a relic of the colonial past but as a rich tapestry of our heritage."

Michael McDowell is spot on with his remarks.

I am not a big fan of Mr McDowell, mainly because I oppose his party as well as his party leader, however I have long been impressed with his views on the United Ireland issue.

Here is a guy who is absolutely hated by Shinners and yet he possesses an understanding of what it means to be a true Irish Republican that Shinners seem unable (or unwilling) to grasp.

Also, due to his no-nonsense approach to IRA activity, the guy possesses a popularity amongst unionists that Sinn Féin MPs could only dream of having!

Kudos to you, Minister! Keep up the good work!

What are your own thoughts on the Minister for Justice?


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