Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Crisps

Like any sensible Irish person, I'm a big fan of crisps. Always have been. They are, in my opinion, the food of choice for those who love a good snack. I know that some people are of the opinion that they are bad for you but let's face it, nothing's good for you these days. Some crazy people even have the nerve to propagate the myth that alcohol is bad for you! Anyway I'm not too aware of the crisps that they have abroad but I do know that here in Ireland, we have a wide selection of tasty crisps. So with that being said, I give you my top ten favourite crisps. So without further ado:

1. Tayto's Honest Crisps (Cheese and Onion) - Oh man I love these crisps! They're so dry and salty! Mmm!

2. Chipsticks - So salty and delicious! They go great with bread rolls. Best thing to do is to crunch them all up and then pour them on. Trust me.

3. King Crisps (Cheese and Onion) - Another bag of crisps which go well on bread rolls. I find I go off them when I have them too much but right now I'm still finding them tasty!

4. Pringles (Sour Cream & Onion) - This is the only flavour of Pringles I enjoy and as the slogan says, once you pop you just can't stop!

5. Hunky Dorys (Buffalo flavour) - I recently started eating these and while the flavour is very strong it's also very satisfying. I find these crisps quite filling too.

6. Tayto Original (Smokey Bacon) - Faced with the choice of Tayto's Cheese and Onion or Smokey Bacon, I'd probably go for the Smokey Bacon though it's been a while since I've had them. Salt and Vinegar is ruled out what with it tasting like shite.

7. Jonnie Onion Rings - As with the King Crisps while I do like these alot, if I have them too much I go off them. They are a great snack though although your breath stinks of them afterwards!

8. Chickatees - OK these are geared towards children but they taste so damn good! The problem is they're not very filling so you need to have about two or three to feel full!

9. Waffles - Good oul' Waffles. You can't go wrong with a bag of Waffles and they certainly taste better than regular waffles...

10. Tayto Snax - Again, these are primarily aimed at kids I guess but a delicious bag of crisps is a delicious bag of crisps! They aren't filling at all though sadly.

So there you have it. My top ten favourite crisps. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer up some of your own.

Hmm, all this talk of crisps has made me hungry...


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