Wednesday, November 16, 2005


El Hell?

So Terry "El Tel" Venables has described the prospect of the Ireland job as 'interesting'. Hmm.

Venables has become favourite for the position, with one bookmaker last week suspending betting following a number of significant wagers placed on the former England coach.

"I have been offered quite a lot of positions," confirmed Venables, who apparently is waiting for the FAI to approach him, rather than the other way round.

"But if something came up that was special, and something like Ireland which is international, it might be interesting."

What do you think then? Would Venables be a good choice as manager? Personally I'd prefer an Irish manager but seeing as there aren't alot of quality Irish managers available at this time, a foreign coach seems inevitable and I actually thought Venables did very well with England.

Perhaps the answer though is to go for a certain Scottish manager! A certain Scottish manager who has been under alot of pressure this season!

That's right! I'm talking about...this man!

G'wan Alex!


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