Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Donegal cancer patients for North

I'm delighted to hear that cancer patients from County Donegal who need radiotherapy will be given their treatment in Belfast.

Health minister Shaun Woodward said spare capacity at the new cancer centre at the City Hospital will be used.

"We are saying that if we have spare physical capacity and (the Irish government) are prepared to pay, it only makes common sense," he said.

He said the costs of staffing would also be covered by the Irish government.

This is common sense and it is a smart move on the part of both governments. It was farcical to have a situation where patients from Donegal had to travel all the way down to Dublin for treatment. People from Ulster should be treated in Ulster. It's more convenient and puts less stress on the patients.

I would like to see more cross-border cooperation such as this.


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