Sunday, November 06, 2005


Gregory Campbell - Thick as two planks

It seems like the DUP have returned to their comfort zone of whining and whingeing and general negativity as they have come out in criticism once more of the Good Friday Agreement and the cross-border structures.

It was East Derry MP Gregory Campbell's turn to moan and groan this time and he didn't disappoint:

"The DUP desires a constructive relationship on issues of shared concern with our neighbours in the Irish Republic that is firmly built upon the foundation of mutual respect for one another's constitutional basis. That relationship cannot be based in any way, shape or form upon the unaccountable cross-border structures established by the Belfast agreement."

Gregory, you are aware that the European Union has structures in place which are of more relevance than the cross-border structures aren't you? I would have thought so seeing as your party used the European Parliament to complain about the Colombia Three which was an issue for the Irish Republic. That must be part of "the foundation of mutual respect for one another's constitutional basis" that Gregory is talking about!

Gregory wasn't done though. He came out with one of the dumbest comments uttered by a DUP member in a long time (well, in about a week I guess):

"Unionists did not support the agreement in 1998 and they certainly don't support it today."

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fair enough you could make an argument that unionists don't support the agreement today but unionists did support the agreement in 1998. That is a widely held view.

Gregory Campbell eh? I'm sure he's great fun at parties though...


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