Monday, November 14, 2005


Do you support the OTR legislation?

Within a fortnight the British government is due to pass legislation which will deny the victims of the Provisional IRA, collusion, and British state killings the truth about what happened.

The legislation secures an amnesty for the IRA and British state forces and allows IRA fugitives the chance to return to Ireland's north while it prevents the actions of British state forces, who had a hand in the murder of innocent Irish civilians, from being exposed in court. With that being said, I have added a new poll to United Irelander's sidebar which asks the question:

Do you support the OTR legislation?

Please take the time to vote in the poll and please use the comments box of this post to explain your position.

Personally I vehemently oppose this legislation. The current British government have done a deal with the devil to prevent the murky dealings of Britain's past from being uncovered and the Shinners have jumped at the chance to safeguard Provisonal IRA criminals.

It's a bad deal for all decent people in Ireland and Britain and in my opinion should be condemned by all!


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